Finnish Alpaca Wool

Fine Nordic design made with wonderfully soft alpaca wool

Finnish alpaca wool

At Cria, we make all our products using genuine Finnish alpaca wool. Although alpacas are originally from the Andes of Peru, you can now find them in Finland too, and we have our own small herd which provides all our alpaca wool. Their luxurious, warm fleeces mean that they are at home here, even in winter. And we raise them with love and care in the pure, clean natural surroundings of Finland.

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Nordic Design

Here, up north in Finland, designers are inspired by nature, the fresh air, the pure water and the beauty of simplicity. That’s why our products feature clean, uncomplicated lines. It’s a style that is a pleasure to wear and which highlights the alpaca wool itself – beautiful to look at and wonderfully soft to the touch.

Our Products

Finnish Christmas wonders

Visit the Cria stall at the Finnish Christmas Wonders market at Stanley Plaza in Hong Kong.


Natural colours

Cria alpaca wool products are not dyed or coloured – what you see is the real, natural colour of the wool. Each different colour comes from a different alpaca.

The finest wool

A happy, well fed and well looked-after alpaca can produce high quality wool for about 6 years – that’s why we give our alpacas plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors on our farm here in Finland.