About our alpacas

Alpacas can produce more than 20 different colours of wool and each colour in our product range comes from a different alpaca. Allow us to introduce you to some of our alpacas.


Our white wool comes from Petteri. Petteri is calm and good natured. His loyal and trusting character makes him a good member of our team.


Our fawn coloured wool is produced by Helinä. Helinä is Petteri’s mother and she’s quite a lady, running for cover as soon as it starts to rain. However, she’s also strong minded and always wants to be first in line.


Our brown wool comes from Goldie. Goldie is has a free and playful temperament. She is happy and curious, but she likes to be fed, and she’ll finish off anything that’s left.


Our black wool comes from Eeva. Eeva looks after the herd and teaches the others how to behave. She’s slow to warm up to you but she’s still a free spirit and likes to play with the younger alpacas in the herd.

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